Compositions and Arrangements: Jazz Octet

Pricing and availability of scores and parts on request

For piano trio, trumpet, trombone, 2 saxophones/ reeds, and female voice (octet)

Don’t Let Go – Mike Holober & Balancing Act (2018) - Song Cycle – Chamber Music America New Jazz Works Commission, Funded by The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation 

  • Breathe Deep (Holober) 
  • Morning Hope (Holober) 
  • Four-Letter Words (Holober) 
  • Kiss the Ground (Holober) 
  • Burnin’ Daylight (Holober) 
  • A Midnight’s Summer Dream (Holober) 
  • Necessary (Holober) 
  • I Wonder (Holober) 
  • You’re a Long Way From Home (Holober) 
  • You Never Know (Holober) 
  • Smile Slow (Holober) 
  • Letting Go (Holober) 
  • Touch the Sky (Holober) 
  • Don’t Let Go (Holober)

Balancing Act – Mike Holober & Balancing Act (Palmetto, 2015)  

  • “Grace At Sea“ (Holober)  
  • “When There Were Trains“  (Holober)  
  • “Canyon“ (Holober)  
  • “Idris“ (Jason Rigby)  
  • “Lullabye – Goodnight My Angel“ (Billy Joel)  
  • “Sighs Matter“ (Holober)  
  • “Piece of My Heart“ (Jerry Ragavoy/Bert Burns)  
  • “Book of Sighs“ (Holober)  

Also for Balancing Act   

  • “That Was All It Took“ (Holober)  
  • “The Shadow of Your Smile“ (Johnny Mandel)  
  • “VI. Finale“ (Jason Rigby) from “Suite for Dewey Redman & Paul Bley”